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The aim of our movement is to empower human beings so they can attain the highest quality of life achievable. We intend to do this by enlightening them about Total Wealth. 

Total Wealth comprises physical, material and spiritual wealth. To gain it, a person must make the acquisition of spiritual wealth their first priority. And because spiritual wealth is knowledge-based wealth, it can be gained only by acquiring scientific spiritual knowledge otherwise known as Spiritual Science.  The study of this subject enables a person to attain high levels of moral development and spiritual enlightenment. The elevation to higher moral and spiritual states will result in the following benefits to the individual and to society.      
  • The spiritually enlightened person who understands the nature and purpose of their life will be able to live the right way. Consequently, such a person will enjoy a completely happy and successful life. It is a fact of life that when we do things the right way, we produce the right results.
  • Society will certainly be a better place to live in when it is populated by quality human beings who live life on a high moral level.
  • Religious teachings and beliefs are not accepted by everyone in all countries. But science knows no boundaries and is universally accepted. When, in due course, Spiritual Science gains general acceptance, friction, hostility and conflict due to religious differences will cease to be a societal problem. Thus, our world will experience greater peace, unity and more progress.
Bringing more happiness, peace and progress to our world through the world-wide propagation of the Total Wealth message is an enormously challenging task. Total Wealth Movement is an e-ministry. Its website contains the complete Total Wealth message in the form of articles and the Spiritual Science e-book. All that is required is advertising the website. We can do this by using the mass media, especially national radio and T.V. networks. This will bring the message to the domestic audience in any particular country. And through international broadcasters, we hope to reach as wide a global audience as possible. These are very effective, but by no means cheap methods of information dissemination.
And so we are requesting support from all those who desire to see their community or our world become a better place. You can be a part of this noble enterprise by donating generously to the Total Wealth Project Fund. Why not take this step today? By so doing, you will be lending a much needed helping hand to a worthy cause.
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