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About the Spiritual Science Book
Title: Spiritual Science
Author: Ejike Emmanuel Emezie
This very informative, interesting and easy-to-read book provides answers to such questions as:
Is there proof that God exists and do we really need Him?
What is God's occupation?
Regarding the questions of heaven, hell and life after death, what has recent research revealed?
What role has God assigned us and how are we equipped to fulfill this role?
How can a person cultivate the good-will and favour of the Almighty so as to enjoy His help and protection at all times?
What is the recipe for harmonious and productive relations with others?
The revised edition is available as e-book and can be downloaded free of charge. ==> ==> ==>


About the Author
Mr. Ejike Emmanuel Emezie is a Nigerian from Imo State. He had his secondary school education at St. Augustine's Grammer School, located at Nkwerre in his home State. He then proceeded to the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Engineering Physics.
For seven years he tried his hands at private business. Then circumstances compelled him to respond to a yearning he has always had. He had a deep  desire to understand his spirituality and he wanted to be able to express it in his everyday living. Consequently, he spent six years studying and investigating the spiritual aspect of life. He also sought answers to the question of the nature and purpose of human life. He recorded his intriguing and invaluable findings in the Spiritual Science book.
In the course of the next twelve years, he developed the concept of Total Wealth. This is a socio-religious concept that defines the holistic model of success. Mr. E. E. Emezie is the founder of Total Wealth Movement. [Read more about author ]

Mr. E. E. Emezie

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9. Hear From Mr. Emezie Via Blog And Social Media
Mr. Emezie's comments on items of news and current affairs are posted on the Total Wealth Movement blog. Readers are welcome to post any responses or questions they may have. Readers can also hear from him via Facebook and Twitter.


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